About Us


The Curly Code’s “curated creation” is the seamless alignment of academic success, college readiness and self affirmation. This modern combination of beauty and brains does what no other program does. The Curly Code was founded by an educator who understands the importance of student engagement to drive investment and academic performance. There are several programs who serve the same population but their missions are not as all encompassing as The Curly Code. Whether you have been watching natural videos on your computer since middle school or you’ve had your college picked out from kindergarten there is space at our table for you. Regardless of where you fall, we hope our engagement strategies have you leaving the table loving who you were created to be and chasing who you desire to be. We have fostered a culture that made it safe for you to exist in your own right and learn from one another.


The Curly Code currently serves 400 students at the AFBHS chapter. We host monthly programming to increase a positive self concept that will give students the hair products and education needed to create and maintain a natural hair regimen. Quarterly events to acknowledge students who have displayed academic growth and celebrate students who are at the top of their cohort. Week long intensive workshops that equip the Curly Crew with the knowledge they need to become informed consumers of higher education.